Ellen Sirot – Hand Model

"The Supermodel of Hands!"~ CBS Sunday Morning
"Diva of Digits!"~ National Enquirer
Ellen Sirot is one of the world's most in-demand hand models."~ Sunday Mirror
"Queen of the Closeup!"- CBS Sunday Morning
"The Supermodel of the parts modeling business."~ WGNTV.com
"The IT of Digits!"~ CBS Sunday Morning
"Ellen Sirot if one of the most successful parts models in the country."~ New York Post


After graduating from Barnard College, Ellen was brutalizing her hands and feet while working as a professional dancer and waitress when she accidentally stumbled upon the world of “parts” modeling. As luck would have it, her first modeling stint was as a leg and foot model. She soon realized, however, that the busiest parts in the biz were hands. Only her agent didn’t think hers were a winning pair.Determined to nail it as a Hand Supermodel, Ellen began a rigorous hand makeover effort seeking out the most beneficial ingredients available and studying the science/technology behind beauty products — developing a systematic approach to hand care.

As a result, she single-handedly and literally, was able to do a personal hand makeover and create her picture perfect hands. The rest is history. Ellen has been booking job after job since then and her hands show no signs of slowing down.

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As she pursued her drive to perfect her hands and become a Hand Supermodel, Ellen gained the upper hand with an unusual body of knowledge, which broadened as Ellen’s chronological age increased. Even now, 25 years into her career, Ellen’s hands are regularly used as a “hand-in” for models and actresses in their twenties!

Ellen Sirot Hand SupermodelUsing her own hands, Ellen carefully experimented for years – both defensively and offensively to find how to keep her hands soft, ageless and healthy. On the offensive side she has created easy hand saving tricks to allow her to be a busy working mom while keeping her hands looking and feeling their best. On the defensive/product side, Ellen worked with different formulations and ingredients to find what worked best on the delicate skin of the hands. Eventually this passion and knowledge lead to Ellen founding Hand Perfection®, the first award-winning, clinically-proven line of beauty products dedicated to the specific anti-aging needs of the hands and nails.

Most recently, Ellen felt that the technology she had discovered with Hand Perfection was working so well that she wanted to expand, enhance and enlarge her line to include incredible, anti-aging products specifically created for the face, neck, body and of course hands! SIROT™ is currently sold exclusively on Evine where Ellen appears regularly as a Guest Presenter.

Ellen’s hands have played a starring role in thousands of print ads and TV commercials – from food to fashion, pharmaceuticals to electronics, diapers to diamonds, and have worked with the world’s top photographers. They’ve even played a hand-in for some A-list celebrities and TV personalities including Katie Holmes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Amy Sedaris, Hilary Swank, Kim Cattrall, Jennifer Garner, Cynthia Nixon, Alana De La Garza, Josie Maran and Rachael Ray.

Ellen has been featured as a Hand Care Expert by Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Times, People, Penthouse, Vogue, Woman’s Day and Woman’s World, and all of the top beauty blogs. She has also made a handful of talk show appearances to speak about her unusual profession on shows like CBS Morning News, HSN The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Entertainment Tonight, The Early Show, Eyewitness News and Good Day NY.  Ellen was nominated as a RISING STAR by Fashion Group International.

Ellen is a member of the Advisory Board of Polished Girlz, a national volunteer organization that regularly visits children’s hospitals and nursing homes to polish the nails of patients and have a friendly, encouraging visit.