Your Pelvic Floor – Finding Strength and Stability

Taught as Online Group Workshops or Privately

“The information I learned in Ellen’s pelvic floor course was life-changing. Truly. I recommend it to everyone.”    

~ Kathryn

We all have a Pelvic Floors and it’s extremely helpful to understand the functionality and muscularity of yours to make sure it’s working as well as possible, now and through all phases of life. Pelvic Floors can be overly weak, or overly tight, and can lead to issues such as bladder leakage, constipation, sexual challenges, fertility issues and unresolved pain in the back, hips and glutes. Often these challenges can feel upsetting, anxiety producing, stigmatizing and isolating.

This Workshop covers all aspects of our Pelvic Floor – addressing both specific common Pelvic Floor issues, and everyday usage, that everyone should be aware of.

We will delve into understanding the anatomy and physiology of the Pelvic Floor. We will work physically using a lengthening/strengthening Pelvic Floor practice to have our lowest floor function at its fullest capacity.

Ellen will share her depth of knowledge and belief that while Pelvic Floor challenges are very common, they are not a “given” due to pregnancy or aging. We will work to acquire an in depth awareness and knowledge of how to work the small muscles of the Pelvic Floor in the most efficient way possible.

The workshop is taught in a safe, supportive and joyous environment working together to find new ways of thinking about and using our Pelvic Floor. The classes are informative, insightful, important and fun!

Your Pelvic Floor: Finding Strength and Stability is taught as a small, intimate group for women of all ages, inclusive of anyone who identifies as female, to provide personal attention and a sense of community.

Ellen Sirot is a certified Katonah Yoga® teacher and is certified in Teaching Yoga for the Pelvic Floor.

For more information or to discuss what makes the most sense for you, your schedule, and your needs, please feel free to reach out to Ellen directly by completing the contact form

Those who have taken Ellen’s Pelvic Floor Workshop share this:

Ellen made me aware of a part of my body that had been long neglected and no doctors or physical therapist had ever talked to me about before. Her class taught me the anatomy, physiology and psychology of my pelvic floor region. I truly believe that the work we did will help me to avoid injury and to strengthen such an important area of my body.


Ellen showed me how to take control of my body and strengthen the floor that holds up my entire core. Knowledge is power, and learning how my pelvic floor works was incredibly empowering!

Ellen’s generosity with information about the pelvic floor and her profound belief in attending to this part of the body in terms of one’s needs has been truly transformative. Ellen provided a safe space to gather information about a powerful part of my body and to gain a roster of basic exercises that I can do on a daily basis. Being in a zoom room of like-minded women seeking awareness and control of the body was a wonder. Thank you!

Katie G

After a deep exploration into the subject, Ellen Sirot has developed a unique workshop on the pelvic floor. I, as a movement professional, learned so much, including the anatomy and how to address pelvic floor issues and how to strengthen and find more flexibility and control in the pelvic floor. The pace of the workshop is excellent, leaving plenty of time for questions. Ellen is knowledgeable, respectful and cheerful in her delivery. This workshop will have a long lasting effect on improving the health of my pelvic floor.

Thank you for the great information and a very enjoyable workshop. You have a wonderful way of presenting this information!


My GP recommended I go to Pelvic Floor Therapy, and while I learned a lot, it did not compare to the knowledge I gained in Ellen’s workshop. Utilizing the power of yoga and breath work has given me confidence and brought me to an awareness of how to manage daily aspects of pelvic floor challenges.

I had the good fortune to have recently taken Ellen’s Pelvic Floor Workshop.
What an eye-opener! The information Ellen provided, along with the visuals, was enlightening. The information was presented in a well-organized, methodical manner, going one step at a time, always building on the previous class. Ellen is clear, open to questions and always encouraging! The physical work was especially fun! Learning to first find and then use the pelvic floor muscles was challenging, but Ellen encouraged us each step of the way, often reassuring us that “you will get it, I promise!” And with practice, I did find the muscles, and I did learn to use them at will. As we learned to coordinate the movements with the breath, and with Ellen’s guidance, the practice became almost meditative.

I learned so much! I practice finding, isolating and coordinating these muscles wherever I am and with whatever else I’m doing!

I loved this workshop, and I encourage women of all ages to take it.


Workshop Details

  • 4 one-hour classes. These can be taken online as a live class or a video of the class will be sent to you.
  • 30 min discussion period following the class – Optional
  • One-one conversation with Ellen prior to or during the Workshop to discuss anything you would like to share with her in relation to the Workshop – Optional
  • Support throughout the workshop via email or call as needed.