Ellen Sirot is a Top Hand Model, Hand Care Expert, Hand Model Coach and is the Founder of SIROT™ Skincare

"The Supermodel of Hands!"~ CBS Sunday Morning
"Diva of Digits!"~ National Enquirer
Ellen Sirot is one of the world's most in-demand hand models."~ Sunday Mirror
"Queen of the Closeup!"- CBS Sunday Morning
"The Supermodel of the parts modeling business."~ WGNTV.com
"The IT of Digits!"~ CBS Sunday Morning
"Ellen Sirot if one of the most successful parts models in the country."~ New York Post



“Ellen Sirot has been one of the top hand models for 20+ years – a supermodel of hand models. Ellen is one of the few hand models clients and photographers ask for by first name only. Everyone knows her and wants her for their photo shoots.” Danielle Korwin, President – Parts Models, Inc.