Do you have Amazing Hands?

Are you always being complimented on your fabulously long fingers and knockout nailbeds? Does your mom, aunt, boyfriend, spouse
always say you should be a hand model?


Hand modeling is an incredibly competitive and lucrative business. You must have amazingly beautiful hands to make your career a success. But, equally importantly, you need to understand that a perfect pinky is only one part of what you need to succeed.

A successful hand model has great hands and knows what to do with them – how to move them, how to pose them, how to model them!

There are techniques and skills that hand models learn to understand how to work in front of the camera to show their hands – and the product – to their best potential in every situation. Additionally, hand models have strategies to keep their hands looking their very best and ready to go at all times.

Not sure how to make your parts picture perfect?

Help is at Your Fingertips!

Ellen’s coaching services are highly regarded by agents and models alike! Ellen has given a “leg up” to many new hand models who are working in the industry today!

If you think you have hands that are ready for their close-up and would like to schedule an appointment to learn more about coaching for hand modeling, reach out to contact Ellen!

What Ellen’s Clients Are Saying

Learning from Ellen proved such an enlightening experience. She taught me to feel out the motions and subtleties of my hands in ways that I wouldn’t have conceived of before our one on one session. She is skilled in patience and methodology and through structured coaching, I was able to walk away with ample knowledge. Additionally, working with Ellen is engaging and fun. I felt as if I were in a private dance class with a teacher who truly cared for my potential and success as a hand model. In working with Ellen, I discovered that hand modeling is artistic, expressive, and important. She will open your eyes to the world of hand modeling and its nuances. What is also wonderfully unique about Ellen is that she will continue to champion your growth afterwards as you can reach out to her at any time with questions, concerns, or personal victories. Ellen Sirot is on your side!


Ellen was so wonderful to work with, and such a wealth of knowledge. I learned a great deal about the industry after working with Ellen, and felt much better prepared after our meeting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge of the hand modeling industry, and many years of experience in the industry herself as a model, all make Ellen the perfect person to train with for anyone interested in the hand modeling industry. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and train with Ellen, and would recommend her to anyone.


Entering the world of hand modeling, I was unaware of what I’d be getting into. Ellen helped turn my concerns into confidence by teaching me everything I needed to know! She prepared me with thorough training on what to expect on set and at castings. She gave me very important tips and tricks on how to keep my hands photo shoot ready! Ellen was so personable that I felt right at home while meeting with her!
When I booked my first job I was a bit nervous but once I started shooting I remembered everything Ellen taught me and felt at ease. Attending Ellen’s class truly gave me an advantage at the start of my career. If I could recommend a mentor in the world of hand modeling, it would without a doubt be Ellen!

Christina G.

Ellen was the most important person who helped me to start my career in hand modeling. She explained to me everything that I need to know in the business. I used and continue to use all her suggestions. She was also a really nice and easy going person which made the whole process easy and enjoyable. Ellen helped me launch my amazing career in hand modeling.”
Thank you Ellen!


I was introduced to Ellen for some guidance since I did not have any experience on hand modeling. Upon arrival, Ellen was very sweet. We talked about how to take care of the hand and what to expect when I go to castings or photo shoots. We also worked on how to find the best posture of posing and holding an object. The advice I learned from Ellen was very useful. I know what to prepare and expect going to any shoot.


Before I started training with Ellen I had no idea what I was doing. People always told me I had nice hands so I thought I could move to New York City and be a hand model and make tons of money. I had photos taken and met with an agent and realized it was all a lot harder than I thought it would be. I did not know how to make my hands look good in pictures. My Parts Models Agent suggested I meet with Ellen.
Ellen has helped me so much. She taught me how to take care of my hands, how to work with them and how to move them for photos. My hands already look so much better. I feel like I am already starting my career with an advantage. I’m so much more confidant now and I feel like I could go to a job and know what I should be doing. Ellen has helped me tremendously.


I am so thankful that I took a hand modeling session with Ellen. One week after our session I booked a hand/arm modeling job and I felt incredibly comfortable and competent to do the booking! The shoot went so well and I am so grateful we worked together on my preparation for this career!

Chelsea H.