“Leave it to a hand model to create a cream that literally
turns back the hands of time.” Star Magazine



Ellen Sirot Hand ModelAs Ellen reached her 40’s her hand modeling work slowed down as her hands were beginning to show signs of age. She searched for an anti-aging hand care line, but found herself coming up empty-handed. The products on the market offered little more than moisturization, and nothing to protect and prevent hands from aging. Ellen realized there was a missing element in most women’s beauty routine, that the hands are our fastest aging body part and that often hands are looking older than our true age!  She felt it was incredibly significant to create a product that easily, quickly, effectively and affordably could fight the signs of age on the hands. 

Ellen’s first line, Hand Perfection, rapidly grew as the first highly recognized line of advanced, anti-aging hand care and was recognized for its formulations with several major Beauty Awards including the Redbook MVP Award, and the Star Magazine Beauty Award. Additionally, Ellen is a Fashion Group International RISING STAR Award Nominee.

Most recently, Ellen felt that the technology she had created for Hand Perfection, Transformative Glass Technology, which is patent pending, had worked so well that she wanted to expand, enhance and enlarge her line to include incredible, anti-aging products specifically created for the face, neck, body and of course hands! SIROT™ premierd on Evine where Ellen has appeared frequently as a Guest Presenter. SIROT™ gave Ellen back her picture perfect skin quality and she is now, again, a very busy top hand and body model. Most recently she has appeared as a Guest on the HARRY Show with Harry Connick, talk about her work as a top hand model.

Ellen Sirot evine pix xx