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“Queen of the Closeup!” CBS Sunday Morning


Ellen Sirot is a dynamic, experienced, telegenic speaker, expert and interviewee. Ellen has garnered top media coverage for her work as a world famous Hand and Foot model, a Hand Care Expert, and the Founder of SIROT™.

Top Speaking Topics

Making a Career of Your Ass-ets
A Top Hand and Foot Model’s guide to being the sum of your parts in the modeling industry

Hand Model to Hand Mogul
How to take any odd job or hobby and maximize the possibilities into a lucrative business

Hand-y Hand Care to avoid Hand Horror
Hands are our fastest aging body part and often the first place to show the signs of aging. Ellen’s Hand-y Hand Care Tips are quick, easy and effective measures to keep your Digits dazzling!

Launching a Line
Tackling the Beauty Industry without an MBA or Inside Connections….what I should have known – and what you MUST know as you launch your line!

Hand Jobs
Hand Model to Hand Mogul is a fun, fact-filled, inside peek into the “parts modeling” industry, Home Shopping Network training, Mom-preneurship and the life of a Lloyd’s insured-glove wearing Digit Diva

Ellen Sirot Hand ModelSecrets of a Hand Model
As a top hand model and “hand-in” for many celebrities it’s been my job for over twenty years to keep my hands flawless and ageless. My Secrets talk is an insider’s guide to the anti-aging protection, precautions and solutions for our most used part and most uncared for part: our hands. Forty is the new thirty and we all know how to take care of our face, hair and eyes. We all look and feel younger than ever before. But our hands have been forgotten – add to that daily sun exposure and dozens of hand washings each day – and you have hands that often look decades beyond your actual age! My quick and easy guide gives fun steps you can take to protect and beautify your hands; literally turn back the hands of time!

Living the “Hands-Free” Life
As the “Super Model of Hands”, the “Queen of the Close up” and the “It of Digits” it’s been my job to take the ultimate care of my hands. With that comes behavior that borders on obsessive to protect my hands in every situation. What I have found in my 20 years of this lifestyle is that this care really involves just taking my life one beat slower than the rest of the world. I find when I’ve had near catastrophes (paper cuts, knife mishaps, etc) it is always because I’ve been rushing…to do something and usually that something does not truly warrant taking “my life into my hands”. I’ve found that keeping the Hand Model credo of slow but sure has helped me enormously and not just in my work as a hand model. This philosophy translates to my psychological, mental and physical life as well. It’s basically the “slow food” methodology translated into a way of life.

This topic also has a humorous approach on how to be a hand model – or at least live like one!

The Hands-Free Workout Guide
A workout program that is quick, easy, can be done at home, office, hotel, no equipment…stretching, lengthening, dancerly approach for busy working moms and all who juggle to live a life with handfuls of responsibility.

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