Hand Care Expert

“Heavenly Hands! Who better than a hand model to know
how to keep them in pristine shape.” NEWSDAY

Over the past 25 years, Ellen Sirot has made a career out of creating and maintaining her “perfect” hands. Ellen is known as the most successful hand model in the world. Ellen’s hands have played a starring role in thousands of print ads and TV commercials – from food to fashion, pharmaceuticals to electronics, diapers to diamonds. They have appeared in every major fashion magazine, have worked with the world’s top photographers and have been a “Hand-In” for celebrities and models.

When Ellen turned 40 and began to see the signs of aging on her own hands, she searched for an anti-aging hand care solution, but found herself coming up empty handed. The products on the market offered little more than moisturization, with nothing to protect and prevent hands from aging. She felt inspired and compelled, given her unusual body of hand knowledge, to create an innovative, comprehensive, solution-oriented line of anti-aging hand care products. Formulated with ingredients she researched and developed, Ellen created her first line, Hand Perfection®, a comprehensive treatment approach to hand care made up of dynamic ingredients and exceptional technologies.

After spending ten years working on Hand Perfection and creating the patent pending Transformative Glass Technology, Ellen looked in the mirror and felt disappointed with her 50 year old face!  She realized that she had a technology that was working so well for her hands that the time had come to expand her brand into SIROT Skincare – creating easy, effective, safe and affordable formulations for the Eyes, Face, Neck, Body and Hands!  SIROT™ is available on Evine where Ellen appears regularly.

As a result of her varied experiences, Ellen is a sought after expert in the areas of Hand Care, Parts Modeling, Beauty Industry Consulting, turning odd jobs into exceptional businesses, and Mom-preneuring: balancing family and business. Recently, Ellen launched Perfect Parts – a coaching service for women and men who are interested in becoming PARTS models.

Ellen has written numerous articles on hand care – see sample article below.


Hand Model’s Guide to 5 Easy Hand Care Tips for Soft Ageless Hands

As a busy hand model, and a mid aged mom – with no extra time on my hands – I have had to fine tune a quick and easy hand care routine to keep my hands looking and feeling their best. The steps I take are easy to work into your daily routine.

Hands are our fastest aging body part due to their very delicate skin and the fact that we wash them dozens of times each day. Yet they are often neglected in our beauty routine; leaving them looking older than our faces and bodies – actually aging us!

It’s time to take matters into our own hands! So I’m pleased to share my firsthand knowledge of hand how to’s…

  1. Wash with a gentle, sulfate free cleanser to nourish hands – rather than harsh soaps or dehydrating anti-bacterials that strip the delicate skin! Also keep dishwashing gloves around for cleaning and messy situations so you can actually avoid further non-essential hand washing. Remember to gently pat dry – do not stretch out the skin.
  2. Replenish the moisture after you wash your hands. Look for a nutrient-rich cream like SIROT™ Daytime Hand Perfection Cream – which is loaded with skin-friendly fatty acids and antioxidants to nourish the delicate skin of the hands, while helping combat signs of skin aging (lines, wrinkles, age spots). The petroleum-free formula is designed to stay on through multiple washings – without any sticky tackiness. Plus SPF protects your hands throughout the day.
  3. Take a minute each day to focus on your nails and cuticles, become less reliant on costly manicures, and work on helping your nails look good naked! Apply a gentle nail-specific oil like SIROT™ Cuticle Correct Serum, to condition dry, jagged cuticles and nourish and strengthen nails. Gently push back cuticles with a washcloth while you are in the shower – or after you have applied oil to avoid the need to cut. It only takes a minute and makes a HUGE difference.
  4. Use an overnight hand-specific serum such as SIROT™  Nightly Hand Treatment to capitalize on the body’s circadian rhythms to give the skin of your hands an overnight boost while not in use!
  5. Get in the habit of treating your hands like jewels – not tools. And use the tools to help you – letter openers, scissors, bottle openers all help us avoid hand harm.